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Playful Couples - Celebrating Fun Sex

"That Was The Most Fun I Ever Had Without Laughing" - Annie Hall


There's something magical about fooling around when you're having sex.

Whether it's tickling each other, having a pillow fight, or playing a raunchy board game, being a playful couple is a huge step towards being a happy couple.

A smiling couple is a couple who are enjoying their intimacy, who are relaxed together, who are having a genuine sexual experience.

This women's erotica site revels in naughty games and erotic playfulness.

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  What are your favourite erotic games?
How do you tease your man in bed?
Does a smile turn you on?

Playful Couples celebrates fun sex, naughty sex, playful sex.
Because dammit, there's just too much serious porn out there!
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